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Mod List

This page lists all mods currently in the Mine Publica modpack with links to their official CurseForge project pages. Mods that are included in the installer as optional are included here too. Mods and their add-ons are marked with color coding.

Supporting documentation is provided as available, but varies in quality and quantity significantly for each mod. The most helpful sources available are listed in the “Documentation” column. The “Config Changes” column indicates where we have implemented a change or tweak for a mod.

Alternative sources of information include in-game guides, YouTube videos, and the Official FTB Wiki. Rely on the FTB Wiki and YouTube videos sparingly, as some information you find may be out of date.

When in doubt, use the JEI interface in-game to see everything added by a mod. Typing “@” followed by a mod name will list all items and blocks associated with it in JEI. To see a full list of commands that are available to you, use “/help” in-game.

Click here to see the working admin mod list for information on upcoming updates and changes to the modpack.

New players are encouraged to carefully examine important mods marked with a ⭐.


These mods protect your creations from other players who may want to steal from you or grief you. The primary protection mod is FTB Utilities, which prevents other players (or fake players, like robots) from editing chunks you claim at no immediate cost to the user. MFFS supplements the protection in FTB Utilities, but requires a bit more investment in terms of resources. MFFS force fields are effectively deployable bedrock.

Mod Page Documentation Description Config Changes
FTB UtilitiesPage, Wiki FTB Utilities allows players to form clans and claim land to protect it from other players, explosions and “fake players” such as OpenComputers robots. All functionality is accessible via the GUI in the upper left hand corner of the inventory screen. Default claims per player is 4096. PVP forced on for all claims.
Modular Forcefield System Spotlight This mod was created by a furry with no appreciation for documentation or quality, but it nonetheless serves as a useful protection solution. Players may construct extractors which convert Forcicium and thermal expansion energy into force energy, and then funnel this energy through a capacitor to projectors which create unbreakable force fields. These machines are linked via card with the capacitor. Also note that force fields are only projected through air blocks, so projecting a force field over grass will leave a hole in your shield, e.g. Disabled all machines except for extractor, projector and capacitor. Also disabled OP force field modules like sponge and block breaking. Forcicium and Forcicium Cells now provide near infinite use in extractors. (Allowing for fully automated fields)


These mods are useful for personal self-defense, war, and base security.

Mod Page Documentation Description Config Changes
TC: Construct's Armory Spotlight Provides a large variety of customizable armor and weapons craftable via tinkers' construct means.
Mine Colonies Wiki Minecolonies is mainly a town-building mod. You create a village and then grow its population, which allows you to put them to use as Bakers, builders, miners et cetera. It is included here because of its guardsmen, who are programmable guards that can be set to patrol specific routes around your base, shooting at targets set as unfriendly, which may include mobs or other players. /mc for commands. Each player may make one colony, and they are limited to the overworld. Disabled barbarian raids.
More Dyable Armors Page Allows players to dye vanilla (non-leather) armor using a piece of leather, a slimeball and some string.
Open Modular Turrets Wiki, Tutorial Customizable turrets that require power and ammunition and shoot at targets designated by the player. Configured so that anyone can destroy a turret - not just the turret's owner. (To prevent griefing)
Overlord Spotlight, in-game guide Allows players to create skeleton armies whose targets can be set via alliances and targeting rules. Skeletons may be skinned to appear like normal NPCs.
Overlord: Mechanical Soldiers See Overlord guide book in-game This is an add-on for Overlord, a mod that allows for the creation of NPC armies. This mod enables robot versions of overlord soldiers.
TE: Redstone Arsenal Wiki, Spotlight “Adds different tools and weapons that utilize Redstone Flux - a type of energy added by Thermal Expansion.”
Shield Parry Page Shields will now parry many projectiles, including snowballs, ender pearls, fireballs including blaze's and dragon's Fireballs, and arrows. Supports mod shields.
Vic's Modern Warfare Spotlights Adds super realistic firearms to the game. Note: Vic's weapon mod is very particular about keybindings. If a specific button is not working, make sure that NO OTHER MOD shares that keybinding with Vic's. (e.g. take the other mods off of the Z button if you want to be able to go prone) Optifine may cause issues with some scopes. Disabling fast render may help. Bullets no longer push players backwards on hit. Disabled bandits. Added unique Deagle mag recipe in 1.0.2

World Generation

These mods add more dimensions to the game or alter worldgen. Each has a different theme with some, like the Twilight Forest adding quest and RPG type progression, and others, like Galacticraft adding many worlds to explore in a sci-fi environment. Most add dungeons, collectible items and new mobs.

Mod Page Documentation Description Config Changes
Additional Structures Page “Adds ~140 new small and medium sized structures into the game” which populate the server map in all biomes, including the seas!
Bedrock B Gone Page Flattens and retextures bedrock.
Betweenlands Wiki, Trailer The Betweenlands is a dark and unforgiving dimension, full of hostile mobs and an environment hostile to life. Brave players may venture here to defeat Betweenlands bosses for loot and treasure, and powerful items otherwise unobtainable in the game while immersing themselves in the lore of the Betweenlands.
Biomes O' Plenty Wiki Adds many new biomes to the overworld and nether which add items and wood-types to the game, as well as geographic variety.
Dynamic Trees Page, Spotlight Replaces most trees with dynamic versions which grow and spread naturally, and which are more aesthetically pleasing.
Dynamic Trees (BOP) Page Adds dynamic trees to Biomes O' Plenty biomes.
Dynamic Trees (Thaumcraft) Page Adds dynamic tree versions of Thaumcraft trees.
Familiar Fauna Wiki “Adds new mobs, including Deer, Turkey, Butterflies, Snails, and more, to enhance atmosphere and exploration”
Galacticraft Wiki Build a rocket and grab a space suit to travel to space! Build a space station to orbit earth, and fight alien mobs for treasure. Want to build a mars base for your faction? Go right ahead, but make sure you bring enough tech to generate oxygen and food while you're up there. Note: Space biome sky boxes don't work well with shaders.
GC: Extra Planets FTB This mod fills out the rest of the solar system for Galacticraft, adding moons and planets as well as entirely new solar systems for exploration. Accordingly, it also adds bigger rockets and rovers, and technology to offset radiation and pressure issues associated with space travel. It also allows for the creation of space stations above more planets that just Earth.
Geographicraft MC Forum, Page “Allows you to control climate zones, ocean sizes, biome frequencies, and continent sizes.” Works with Biomes O' Plenty and Serene Seasons.Enabled large oceans and larger climatic regions to create a more Earth-like world.
Just a Few Fish Spotlight, Page Adds “just a few fish” entities to bodies of water as well as fish tanks.
Nether Ex Wiki “The mod currently adds four new Nether biomes, each is designed to fill a specific purpose within the Nether and each has a unique approach to the others. These biomes are populated by ten new mobs, decorated by 34 new blocks, and filled with over a dozen new items to find and use.”
Serene Seasons Wiki “Adds Seasons that change grass and foliage colors throughout the year, and in the winter, temperatures will shift and allow for snow to fall in some biomes that don't normally receive any. Seasons also affect various other features, like crop growth, weather (More rain in Spring, more storms in Summer, etc.), and more!”
Streams MC Forum “Introduces real flowing rivers, with a true current, to Minecraft. These rivers are generated in the world using custom non-decaying flowing blocks and are much larger than anything the player could create using buckets.”
The Erebus Wiki, Spotlight A subterranean insect-dominated dimension that challenges players with insect bosses and rewards them with unique items and armor. Disabled grave blocks.
Treasure2 Page “Adds various new and rare chests of treasure to be discovered. The chests are secured by an assortment of locks and can only be unlocked by finding the corresponding keys.”
Twilight Forest Wiki “The Twilight Forest is a dimension exploration mod focused on adventure that will take you on a journey meeting strange creatures, exploring fully fledged dungeons, fighting diverse boss battles with actual mechanics and acquiring items and loot with unique traits and functionality.” Twilight Forest is a really well crafted mod on par with the Aether.
Village Names Page “Assigns randomized names to villages and villagers, and also to structures like mine shafts, strongholds, fortresses, and so on.”


These mods add friendly ambient mobs and new vanilla mobs as well as changing the behavior of hostile mobs. Note: Quark could be included here, as it adds new hostile Nether and depth mobs and allows guardians and pirates to randomly spawn in Ocean biomes.

Mod Page Documentation Description Config Changes
Animania Wiki, Tutorial “Replaces and improves the passive animals in Minecraft, adding multiple breeds, genders, new behaviors, and several new species.”
Brutal Zombie Siege Page “Replaces the flawed vanilla Zombie Siege mechanic with improved and adjustable version.”Disabled Zombie Sieges
Doot Skeleton Page Adds skele that go doot doot
Equal Dragons Page Makes all dragons (including those resurrected after the first is killed) drop Ender Dragon eggs. Now everyone can get one!
Mob Amputation Website Makes combat more interesting with mobs being able to take localized damage. Mobs which lose limbs are unable to use them to wield weapons, and decapitations are usually quickly fatal.
Pet Bat Website Allows players to tame pet bets and train them for use in combat.
Zombie Awareness Spotlight “Makes zombies and others more aware of you, by tracking the sounds you make, the blood scents you leave as you play, and the light sources you are near. If you are not stealthy enough they will track you down and find you.” Also makes zombies spawn in hordes. Makes zombie behavior in general more akin to that of zombies from the Walking Dead.


These mods add a wide variety of features to the game concerning automation, construction, ore refining, power, and programming. Simply put, they are the meat and potatoes of our modpack - they make Minecraft more complex and technically interesting. Using these mods allows you to build custom flying machines, design working transportation networks, create computerized security systems or even mint in-game e-currency. The only limit to what you can do with these is your imagination.

Mod Page Documentation Description Config Changes
Advanced Chimneys Page “Adds chimney pipes, through which smoke from a fire or furnace goes up into the air.”
Better Records Wiki Better Records adds the ability to listen to songs via custom music discs in Minecraft. Listen to internet radio streams, or etch a record in-game with the URL to an mp3, wav, or ogg file and it will download and play for you and anyone else on the server within earshot.
Bibliocraft Website Adds a large variety of storage options for tools, books, potions etc., furniture, lighting, book editing tools, and much much more.
Chisel Spotlight Adds an enormous amount of decorative blocks to the game, accessible via the chisel tool.
Chisel and Bits Website “This mod adds several chisels, a wrench and ways to copy designs and store bits. These tools enable you to create new custom decorative blocks and designs to decorate your bases and improve the flexibility of your building style.”
C&B: Extra Bit Manipulation Page“Addon to the Chisels & Bits mod. Adds a wrench that rotates/mirrors/translates/inverts chiseled blocks, sculpting wires/spades that remove/add cuboidal/ellipsoidal/cylindrical/conic/pyramidal areas of bits from chiseled/chiselable blocks, a modeling tool that makes chiseled block models of 16∧3 areas of blocks in the world, and armor pieces that render chiseled blocks (and any items) as their moving parts.”
Enchanting Plus Spotlight “Enchanting Plus is a mod which allows the player to have full control over the enchantments on their items at the cost of significantly more EXP” via the advanced enchantment table.
Ender IOSpotlight, Wiki, Tutorial “A large technologically-based mod centered around compact liquid, item, power, and redstone conduits. Ender IO also provides the player with different power generation and storage methods, as well as remote access to machines in certain areas. It also adds several machines for various tasks, such as ore processing.”Installed monolithic version, including all modules. Added recipe for Grains of Infinity in patch 1.0.1
Funky Locomotion Spotlight, Wiki This mod adds frames, like those originally added by Redpower. Frames attach to adjacent blocks and when moved by frame pushers, pullers or sliders, move all the blocks attached to them. This is useful for transcending the traditional limitations of piston creations, allowing for large sliding doors, extending bridges, et cetera. Configured frame machines to require power.
Giacomo's Compass Page “This mod gives the player the ability to bind a compass to a specific surface world position simply by renaming it in an anvil.”
Grappling Hook Spotlight Adds grappling hooks to the game with realistic rope physics for scaling cliffs and traversing ravines. Disabled ender staff and weird anti-gravity repulsing device.
Hot or Not Page “Burn players if they carry hot fluids.” No more carrying lava buckets in your hands.Added a recipe for mitts in patch 1.0.1, modified to produce 4 mitts in 1.0.2. Increased durability.
Immersive EngineeringTutorial, FTB, in-game guide Besides thermal expansion, immersive engineering is THE base for our modpack. It features realistic forms of power generation, including waterwheels, windmills, biodiesel, conveyor belts, bottling machines, fluid pipes, electrical wiring, fluid pumps, floodlights, gun turrets, Engineer's workbenches, revolvers, mining drills, chemical throwers, railguns, and more. Chance that a given chunk will contain a mineral vein = 0.2. Flux per tick the Excavator will consume to dig = 4096. Maximum amount of yield one can get out of a chunk with the excavator = 38400.
Immersive Petroleum Spotlight Adds petroleum reserves under certain chunks which can be discovered with core sample drills, and which can be refined for use as liquid fuel. Also adds portable gas generators and gas powered motorboats.
Immersive Tech See in-game guide Adds solar means of generating power compatible with immersive engineering.
Iron Chests FTB Adds high capacity chests and chest upgrades for storage.
Klee Slabs Page “This mod allows you to break only one half of a double slab. The half that is broken depends on which half you're looking at.”
LittleTiles Tutorial, Page “Adds a way to add more detail to everything. You can hammer blocks into tiles which can be 4096 times smaller than an ordinary Minecraft block (you can do it even smaller, because its configurable). You can combine your tiles together to create doors, chairs, ladders, no-clip, storage and any kind of furniture structure.”
Malisis Doors MC Forums “Adds new animations for doors, trap doors and fence gates. Also adds several new doors like glass doors, jail doors, laboratory doors, factory doors and garage doors. You can also entirely build your doors with a machine that lets you chose the way it looks and the way it moves.”
MekanismSpotlight, Wiki The Mekanism mod features high-tech machinery that can be used to create powerful tools, armor, and weapons, including jetpacks and solar panels!
Minecoprocessors Wiki “Adds a redstone processor block that can be programed similar to a real microprocessor. The redstone processor block is styled to look and operate like the other redstone blocks in the game.”
Moar Boats Page Adds modular boats that can be programmed to travel certain paths and which can be upgraded with ice breakers, engines, chests, et cetera.
Morph-o-Tool Page “The Morphing Tool can mimic any wrench, screwdriver, hammer or wand made of twigs and petals you throw at it, making it the perfect “omni-wrench” style item.”
OnlinePictureFrame Spotlight This mod allows you to import any picture off the internet and place it in a picture frame,including animated gifs. You can alter its size, rotate, or flip it.
OpenComputersWiki, Tutorial Adds robots, drones and computers which are programmable with LUA and can move, use tools, remove and place blocks, and a million other things. Create a drone that manages your farm and plants crops - computerize your security so that only people with knowledge of your password can visit your base, or have your robots build for you! The possibilities really are endless. Increased power efficiency and speed of robots, drones, machines et cetera.
OC: Computronics Wiki Addons for open computers, including iron note blocks, chat boxes (allows local computers to chat and recieve chat), speech synthesizing boxes, radar and more.
OC: Sensors Page “Adds a sensor block that allows computers to scan surrounding blocks, search for blocks matching given criteria in a given area, and scan a region relative to the sensor for entities.”
OC: OpenGlasses Wiki “Adds Augmented Reality features to Minecraft. You can render objects, like shapes and text both in the world and on the players HUD, only visible to those with the Open Glasses on (think Google Glass, but in blocky form)“
OC: OpenPrinter Page Adds open computers compatible printers which can print colored text onto paper.
OpenBlocks Tutorial, FTB, in-game guide This mod adds a plethora of useful blocks and items, including elevators, bear traps, item cannons, village highlighters, block placers/breakers/droppers, XP bottlers, auto anvils and auto enchanting tables, XP showers and XP drains, and much more. Disabled player graves.
Paintings++ Wiki “Paintings++ is a mod that adds more paintings to the game,” and adds a painting selection GUI for easy selection of the painting you want.
Portable Crafting Page Adds a handheld, portable crafting table which stores the items kept in it. Default hotkey is X.
Portality Page “Allows you to create your own portals and use them to travel and transfer anything between them!” Look a bit like Star Gates.
Project RedWiki Redpower reborn! Adds good old fashioned RP bundled wiring, gates, integrated circuit manufacturing, lighting, worldgen (including volcanoes, marble, gems etc.) and tools and armor. Installed all modules.
Quark Website Adds 175 features which are meant to be vanilla-friendly. Way too much to summarize here, but the website lists them.Highly configured via the website. Check your /config folder for more specifics.
Railcraft Wiki, Spotlight Comprehensive mod that adds new rail types, machines, and rail management systems, including high speed rails.
Redstone Paste Page “Redstone Paste Mod adds a new form of redstone dust into the game, allowing you to transmit redstone signals across a variety of surfaces, including ceilings and walls.”
Rustic Wiki “Rustic is small-ish mod that mainly adds medieval-themed content to the game. It focuses on decoration and agriculture “
Secret Rooms Mod Wiki “Adds a variety of blocks that camouflage themselves to the surrounding world including hidden doors, pressure plates, hidden levers and more.”
Steve's Carts Reborn Spotlight “Steve's Carts Reborn allows for the player to customize and design minecarts that can be used for automation, construction and transportation.”
Storage Drawers Page Provides similar storage solutions as JABBA did, with drawers that store and compact singular types of items, allowing players to easily store and retrieve frequently used tools and materials. Complements Bibliocraft well.
Storage Drawers Extras Page “Adds a new set of wooden drawer styles and recipes using the plank blocks available in other mods.”
Thermal ExpansionWiki, Tutorial In many ways an alternative to immersive engineering, thermal expansion adds a litany of machines for automating smelting, refining, creating alloys, melting, filling, crafting, brewing, enchanting, deleting, suckin up water, capturing mobs into orbs, sucking up items and much more. Also adds power generation via steam, magma, liquid fuel etc. Also adds strongboxes and satchels which can be locked with security locks, and ducts for transporting fluids, items, power, and people.
TE: Redstone Repository Page “Redstone Repository Revolved is an addon for Redstone Arsenal which adds tools and weaponry which utilize Redstone Flux. This addon allows you to upgrade these tools to Enderium based tiers for even more power.”
TE: Thermal Cultivation Wiki For now, this just adds watering cans which facilitate plant growth.
TE: Thermal Dynamics Wiki, Tutorial “Thermal gets Dynamic! Adds ducts - blocks for transporting Items, Fluids, Redstone Flux, and even Players!”
TE: Thermal Foundation Wiki “Provides all the basic materials and tools that are used in Thermal Expansion, as well as ways to obtain them. It also provides new sets of weapons, tools and armor made of various materials.”
TE: Thermal Innovation Wiki Adds powered tools that allow the player to manipulate the world in more efficient ways than conventional hand tools.
Tinkers' ConstructFTB, Tutorial, in-game guide Adds authentic smelting and forging to minecraft using all metals under the sun which allows for the creation of tons of new armor, weapons and tools.
Wireless Redstone FTB Adds wireless transmission of redstone signals across the map, signal jammers, tracking and handheld redstone broadcasting.


The focus of these mods is providing options for player transport. Note that Railcraft and Funky Locomotion could arguably be put here too.

Mod Page Documentation Description Config Changes
Davinci's Vessels Wiki Allows players to add custom airships and boats to the game, made entirely out of blocks. Can carry mobs, players and require fuel. N.B. Density requirements for submarines and boats, balloon requirements for airships. Max blocks per ship: 2048
Immersive Vehicles In-game guide, Spotlight Adds realistic entity based transportation solutions like cars and planes which require fuel and move via lifelike physics.Configured to allow all standard fuels. DOES NOT accept lava. Added unique wand recipe in 1.0.2
Official Vehicle Set Page Official Vehicle Set for Immersive Vehicles. Adds five planes, three cars and a variety of signage.
To the Bat Poles Page, Spotlight Allows players to slide down poles like a fireman can! Also adds powered poles and climbing for going up poles.
Ultimate Car Mod Website “This mod brings cars, road construction and biodiesel production into your Minecraft world.” Paved roads allow cars to travel quickly.

Client Utilities

These mods primarily improve the user experience without adding new game content. They help players to document their travels, navigate the map, identify modded recipes and have a more efficient and pleasing graphical experience.

Mod Page Documentation Description Config Changes
Appleskin Page Tweaks the HUD to display information on the hunger effects of food items.
Backtools Website Displays users' last used tool on their backs.
BetterFPS Page “BetterFps is a Minecraft mod that adds a few performance improvements” with an eye towards compatibility with other mods.
Chunk Animator Page Applies a pleasing chunk rendering animation so that chunks don't just pop out of thin air.Only works if Optifine “Render Regions” setting is off.
Controlling Page Adds search function to the keybinding menu so that players can more easily find conflicts and reassign keys.
Custom Backgrounds Page “This small client side mod allows you to change the boring old dirt background of your minecraft menu to something nicer.”
Custom Main Menu Page Allows us to customize the Mine Publica main menu. Edited main menu.
Default Options Page Allows the server to set default keybindings, graphical settings, and server addresses. Set up some default settings re: vic's weapons controls, server address, etc.
Dynamic Lights Website Adds surrounding lighting for objects which emit light when the player has them equipped, they are dropped on the ground or another player has them equipped in Multiplayer.
Dynamic Surroundings Wiki Adds a variety of atmospheric and visual effects for immersion, including dynamic storm intensity, auroras, ambient biome dependent noise, footstep acoustics, player and block visual and sound effects, and chat bubbles. Enabled chat bubbles.
Fancy Block Particles Page Changes most particles in-game to be 3D!
FoamFix Page “FoamFix is a mod designed to optimize post-1.7.10 modded Minecraft using simple, targeted optimizations. Observations show that Java heap usage (measured using VisualVM on the main menu) can drop by as much as 50%!”
Hats Website Adds collectible hats to the game which can be collected by killing mobs who wear them. Access hat menu with the “H” key.
Hats Stands Website Allows players to create hat stands to store their “Hats mod” hats on.
Here's What You're Looking At Page A fork of “What Am I Looking At” for 1.12.2 which “provides a small unobtrusive tooltip on top of the screen with information about the block the player is looking at.”
HWYLA: Waila Harvestability Page Add-on for Hwyla that adds information about the harvestability of what you are looking at. By default, it shows whether or not you can currently harvest the block, the required harvest level of the block, and the tool type that is effective against the block.
HWYLA: Wawla Page Adds more information to HWYLA regarding experience value, entity breeding cool off times, blast resistance and more.
Inventory TweaksWiki “This client mod allows you to easily manage your inventory, in both single player and multiplayer with a click of the mouse(by default, middle click or “r” key). It works out of the box, and will save you a massive amount of time!”
Journeymap Wiki JourneyMap maps your Minecraft world in real-time as you explore. You can view the map in-game as a Minimap or full-screen. Default key is J. Disabled mob mapping to make radar less op.
Just Enough ItemsPage This mod adds an interface in the player menu (which can be hidden or shown with ctrl+o by default) which shows all items and blocks in-game. Super useful for finding recipes, as you can search for an object in the search bar and then click on it to find its recipe.
JEI: Just Enough Petroleum Page Adds JEI support for Just Enough Petroleum.
JEI: Thaumic JEI Page Adds JEI support for unique Thaumcraft recipes.
Mob Dismemberment Website Upgrades mob death animations to be more bloody and realistic.
Mouse Tweaks Page “Mouse Tweaks replaces the standard RMB dragging mechanic, adds two new LMB dragging mechanics and an ability to quickly move items with the scroll wheel. Everything can be enabled and disabled in the configuration file or in Forge's mod options menu.”
Optifine Website Adds a litany of new graphical features for better graphics and more complex resource packs while increasing FPS.
Proportional Destruction Particles Page This client-side mod causes destruction particles to only spawn in blocks' collision/bounding boxes. Super minor fix but makes block destruction look a lot less weird for small blocks.
Reauth Github Reauth allows users to log back into minecraft or switch accounts without restarting the game. Useful for leaving the game open for long periods of time, which usually leads to an invalid session error.
Shaders Website Optifine allows our clients to run shaderpacks which massively overhaul game rendering.Mine Publica is packaged with SEUS Renewed v1.0.0 and BSL Shaders
Texture Packs MC Wiki Texture packs retexture blocks, entities and items - and can do so at higher or lower resolutions than what the base game supports by default.Mine Publica is packaged with modded versions of John Smith and Faithful 32
Toast Control Page “This mod allows you to control what toasts show up in Minecraft and how they appear when they do.”Toasts are now translucent.


These mods are for the sad souls who like larping the Lord of the Rings in Minecraft. Mine Publica is definitely is more tech friendly than magic, but why spoil other people's fun?

Mod Page Documentation Description Config Changes
Blood Magic Page, Tutorial “Blood Magic is an arcane art that is practiced by mages who attempt to gather a vast amount of power through utilizing a forbidden material: blood. Even though it does grant a huge amount of power, every single action that is performed with this volatile magic can prove deadly. You have been warned.”
Bow Infinity Fix Page “Removes the need to have an arrow in your inventory to use the Infinity I enchant on your bow.”
Dragon Mounts 2 Page Allows players to find dragon eggs in the wild, (which are generally very rare) tame dragons, and ride them through the air. Dragon breath has been nerfed to no longer burn blocks.
Thaumcraft Tutorial “Enables players to collect magical energy as aspects and their vis and essentia forms and use them to create magical tools, weapons, armor, and machinery; as well as autonomous golems commanded by the player.”


These mods help players to talk with each other and organize. In my opinion, they're pretty big game changers.

Mod Page Documentation Description Config Changes
Discord IntegrationWiki Relays server messages to our discord channel, and relays discord chat messages to the server for seamless communication.
Dynmap Forge Wiki Maps the overworld and other dimensions for all to see. See here. Turned off player location and webchat. Enabled night map mode and set up other dimensions. Used DynmapBlockScan.
WarsFtbDynmap GitLab Renders FTB Utilities land claims from the overworld onto the dynmap interface. Only the overworld, for privacy reasons.
Gliby's Voice Chat ReloadedPage “Immersive Voice enables Voice Chat in Minecraft without any external applications.” Works over a local distance, with fading volume as you become more distant.Local voice distance limit set to 64 blocks.

Server Tweaks

These mods tend to defy categorization. Generally, they're small fixes that make the game work better or more conveniently for players.

Mod Page Documentation Description Config Changes
Akashic Tome FTB A book that can store other manuals, effectively compressing them into one volume.
Bad Wither No Cookie Page “A lightweight universal mod to silence these nasty world wide broadcast sounds: Wither, End Dragon, and Thunder.” Now only players near one of these noises will hear them.
Better Foliage Page Improves foliage and logs to appear more rounded and lush. Also improves/adds grass, cactus, lilypads, alage, reeds, coral, netherrack vines, and more.
Better mobGriefing GameRule Page Makes the mobGriefing gamerule more comprehensive to get rid of ALL mob-related world damage. (Prevents griefing and the map getting messed up because of creepers etc.)
Carry On Page Allows players to pick up, carry, and place single block Tile Entities (such as Chests, Furnaces, Droppers, Spawners, and machines from tech mods) using only their empty hands. Also can pick up smaller mobs.
Clumps Page “Clumps groups XP orbs together into a single entity to reduce lag when there are many in a small area. Ontop of this, it also makes the player immediately collect the orbs once they touch the player, so you are not stuck with a bunch of orbs in your face.”
Craft Tweaker Website Allows the server to remove or add recipes to the game. Added recipes for MFFS stuff, removed recipes for OP MFFS stuff, removed ender staff and anti-gravity repelling thing from Grappling Hook mod.
Death Maps Page “DeathMaps will give you a treasure map when you die that points to your death location.”
Diet Hoppers Page “This mod modifies the way Minecraft calculates the collision boxes of the hopper so that you can access any visible blocks behind it.”
Dr. Cyano's Lootable Bodies Wiki Spawns a corpse when a player dies with all of the player's belongings on it.
Fast Leaf Decay Page “A simple Minecraft mod that speeds up leaf decay after you cut down the wood in a tree. By default it will only take about five seconds before all leaves are gone.”
Fast Work Bench Page “This mod does a couple things relating to the vanilla workbench so that it runs faster and causes less network traffic.” It disables vanilla recipe books and caches last recipes used in a given bench.
Forge MC Wiki The Backbone of all minecraft modding. We use forge-1.12.2-
Instant Unify Page “This mod unifies automatically dropped items and items in your inventory according to OreDictionary.” (Unifies ores so that players don't end up with 5 different types of copper from 5 different mods)
ItemPhysic Spotlight Enhances the physics engine for dropped items by making items float or sink according to density, combust or not based on their flammability, and lay on the ground naturally. Players may also yeet items variable distances by holding down the Q button. Some items, like torches, may burn flammable surfaces if laid on them. Disabled dropped items from igniting flammable blocks.
Login Shield Page “Simple server side mod that protects players from damage during login.” Prevents spawn ambushing.By default, this is 60 seconds.
Morpheus Page Adds sleep voting to the server. When a player sleeps, all other players in the same dimension are notified so it is easier to coordinate. When 50% are sleeping, the night passes. Players can also set their bed during the day.
NotEnoughIDs Page “NotEnoughIDs is a coremod that extends hardcoded ID limit for blocks.” Necessary because of all of our mods.
Swing Through Grass Page “Tiny mod that tries to eliminate those kind of situations when “I wanted to hit the mob, not the grass”. Now you can hit mobs behind the grass!”
Unidict Wiki Unidict standardizes the output of all recipes (that it has Integration with), not just for crafting table recipes, but for a lot of machines throughout several mods, so that different varieties of copper, e.g., from different mods can be used in all mod recipes.
Whitelister Page Applies the forums' Minecraft username whitelist to the server.

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