About Us

Mine Publica is the latest iteration of a community that has an unhealthy obsession with voxel-based games. We are a small group of friends and family who first got hooked on Minecraft in 2012, and we’ve been growing ever since.

Anyone who loves modded and SMP Minecraft is welcome to join. If you contribute to the community on the forums and play nice on the server you will fit right in. This website and the server will be up indefinitely, so feel free to drop in whenever you have time to kill.

You will always find everything right where you left it.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I become a moderator?
    • Mine Publica is always looking for more moderators to help monitor the forums, manage the wiki, and run our discord. The primary way we pick new moderators is through our forum referral system. (See here for your unique referral link) When a new user registers on the forums, they have the option of indicating which user referred them to us, and the forum records this information.
    • Users who have referred ten or more people to the forums will be strongly considered for moderator status.

  • How can I contact server/forums management?
    • The best way to get an immediate answer from the admin team is to email us at admin@minepublica.info. You may also private message a moderator on the forums.
    • If you are contacting us about a bug or some kind of technical issue relating to the forums or server, we ask that you post in “Help & Bug Reports.”

  • How often will the Server update its mod packages?
    • Version updates will happen when all of the major mods in our massive mod pack update beyond 1.12.2. This process occurs slowly as the mod community eventually coalesces around a new version of Minecraft.
    • Once all of these major mods update and the admin team decides that it’s worth it, we will migrate the server to a new version of the game and release new client installation packages.
    • The server map will continue from one version of the game to the next using geographicraft to prevent awkward version-update chunk borders.
    • We may also release more incremental updates for 1.12.2 as mods update.

  • Do I need legit minecraft to play?
    • Yes. Legit minecraft presents way fewer bugs related to RAM management, optifine and a million other different things. You need to get and install legit minecraft before installing the Mine Publica modpack.

  • How do I change what minecraft username is associated with my account?

  • How do I change my forums username and password?

The Mod Team

Our crack team of moderators represents the most venerated members of our community. Each one has spent years breaking blocks and taking names. You can view their profiles and get to know them on the Team´╗┐ page.