New Server’s Up

New Server’s Up

Welp, I finally did it, and as always I learned a fair amount – this time about DNS configuration and docker.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • The server is super fast now. We’re rocking 4x as much ram (16gb) and the latest intel i5 core processor on a dedicated local machine.
  • The server now runs on a NVMe SSD with automated backups to a secondary drive for added speed and security 🙂
  • Render time is ludicrously fast, and render distance has doubled – even dynmap runs faster!
  • You can now see our server map at
  • Our server is now located at

In order to connect to the new server, just insert our new address into your launcher once you start it up. ( OR you can download the 2.1.3 patch to do it for you here.

Coming next:

  • Mod updates with corresponding bug fixes!
  • Updates to the website for security and functionality improvements!
  • An update to the newest mod-supported version of java minecraft!
  • An automated installation script!

Frankly I’m more than happy to sit in 1.12.2 forever, but 1.17 is going to increase the height limit by 128 blocks ?️ (See below)