Mod Information

Note: This is only a selection of key mods from the Mine Publica modpack.

For a detailed list of every mod in the modpack, please see the Mods wiki page. There you will also find helpful tutorials, documentation and informational videos.

Protection & Chunk Claiming

FTB Utilities is the first line of defense against griefing for new players. Access the interface in the top left corner of the inventory menu, create a clan, and start claiming chunks using the in-game GUI. Note: Once a chunk is claimed, it is protected against other players and “fake players,” including OpenComputers robots. You may share chunk access rights with allies.

MFFS Forcefields and Open Modular Turrets can supplement your physical defenses, allowing you to deploy what is essentially portable bedrock and shoot at players while AFK. Mine Colonies and Overlord permit players to build towns full of armed villagers or raise armies to defend their settlements!

Weapons and Armor

Vic’s mod supplies players with endless realistic weapons for mowing down zombie hordes or picking off hostile players from afar. Our other mods, like immersive engineering, redstone arsenal, redstone repository and Construct’s armory also provide users with custom armor and tools like flamethrowers, railguns, and electric fences.

Tinker’s construct allows users to forge custom blades and armor through smelteries.


The Mine Publica modpack is especially transportation-friendly. Using Davinci’s you can build custom airships and boats using regular minecraft blocks which transform into massive coal-powered vessels. The ultimate car mod and immersive vehicles include gas powered vehicles with realistic driving and flight physics. Moar boats gives players the ability to set up automatic sailing routes for autonomous seacraft.

Note, Railcraft also features many player transportation options, including high speed rails and elevators.

World Generation

The core of Mine Publica worldgen is Geographicraft, which renders the world as a series of continents, archipelagos and islands in a vast sea. These landmasses are populated with vanilla and Biomes O’ Plenty terrain, Dynamic Trees foliage, “Streams” rivers and random buildings from “Additional Structures.”

Serene Seasons implements realistic weather patterns on a global scale. Different seasons will affect crop yield and precipitation on a biome by biome basis.

We have also set up command blocks to mimic a torus-like world for the server. Travelling to the far east or west will teleport you to the other side of the world!


The Mine Publica modpack expands the Nether dimension with a bunch of new biomes from Nether Ex and Biomes O’ Plenty while creating a dozen new space dimensions representing all of the major planets and moons of our solar system, as well as some extra-solar destinations. These bodies can normally only be reached by launching a rocket from earth. Players also have the ability to create their own satellite dimensions in orbit above Earth.

The modpack also adds three entirely new fantasy-themed dimensions – “The Betweenlands,” “The Erebus” and “The Twilight Forest” – each chock full of bosses and collectible items that can only be reached via specific rituals.


Familiar Fauna, Animania, and Just a Few Fish add a number of passive mobs to the overworld. Animania adds inter-mob diversity, with different species of each kind of mob being indigenous to different biomes.

Zombie Awareness drastically changes the way that zombies spawn in the game, with massive zombie hordes being much more common. These hordes are also much more sensitive to noise and blood, similar to those from “The Walking Dead.”


Mine Publica boasts a number of innovative mods which make it easier for players to interact. Dynmap broadcasts overhead images of every dimension so that players may see what has been built all over the map.

Discord Integration allows in-game players to chat with people on the Mine Publica discord and vice versa. Offline players may see when the server goes offline or monitor death messages etc. in the server chat.

Quark Emotes allow players to communicate through dancing and mildly offensive gestures. Additionally, Dynamic Surroundings creates overhead chat bubbles whenever a player speaks.

Immersive Voice allows players to speak to each other in-game over a local area. (64 blocks) When a player sees another player nearby, all they need do is press the voice key to talk over the microphone.


Our engineering mods are the core of the Mine Publica modpack. Players just starting out should invest in Ender IO, Immersive Engineering, Project Red or Thermal Expansion machines to increase their ore output and start generating power.

Tinkers’ Construct is useful for smelting tools which mine faster, yield more resources and wear down more slowly. After some time, users should feel comfortable building advanced Mekanism tech, including electric windmills, solar panels and fusion reactors.

Funky Locomotion and Project Red allow players to build frame machines which push blocks vast distances, allowing for massive ore excavation machines, flying bases and more.

Railcraft allows players to automate the transportation of players, mobs and resources along complex rail networks.

OpenComputers adds powered lua-based computers to the game. The possibilities here are endless, but simply put, they are capable of activating and reading redstone, networking among themselves and breaking and placing blocks via robots. OpenComputers drones are entity based flying computers that have a number of specific applications.


For those of us who are into that sort of thing, Mine Publica also features a modest selection of fantasy-themed mods. Dragon Mounts allows players to find and incubate dragon eggs, and once hatched, to tame them for riding.

Enchanting Plus improves vanilla enchantment mechanics to make them less annoying and more rewarding. Blood Magic adds dark rituals which grant players special magic for a steep cost.

Thaumcraft is based on thaumaturgy, a form of magic that draws its power from essentia found in every item in the game and natural nodes which are only visible through special equipment. Thaumcraft also features wands, spells and other magical paraphernalia which imbue their users with paranormal effects.

Note: These magic-themed mods have been carefully screened to ensure that they do not give players an unfair advantage over those who do not care to use them.

Our Modpack Philosophy

Minecraft’s chief appeal has always been its sandbox elements. An infinite, procedurally generated world, entirely destructible and endlessly customizable, allows for players to build whatever they please.

When the first server was established in 2012, it was hoped that opening up the game to survival multiplayer would allow our users to band together to create together, and that it did. Great cities like New Berlin, Valhalla, Vareria, Seoul, and Chocago rose up from the voxel hills as if by magic.

But the longer we played, the more clear it became that there were two constraints limiting Minecraft’s open-ended potential. First, the technical complexity of our builds were limited by in-game elements. In response, we added redpower and soon other engineering mods to allow us to build massive mining machines, city security systems, computerized rail networks and more. Second, the anarchistic nature of the server that made it so much fun also led to widespread griefing and theft. Over the years we have employed a variety of protection mods with varying degrees of success.

These two considerations are the guiding principles of the Mine Publica modpack. At its core, Mine Publica is a factions based survival multiplayer server.

Like the servers that came before it, Mine Publica aspires to be a blank canvas – a procedurally generated terra nullius on which players can impose their vision by banding together in clans. This time, that canvas will feature continent-based oceanic worldgen and countless celestial bodies to explore.

The heart of the Mine Publica experience will continue to be its engineering and automation mods, which allow users to generate resources using complex machinery and then deploy them using computers and other equipment to build on a vast scale. In contrast with previous servers, our mod pack errs on the side of liberality, meaning that we now have all major tech mods.

With few exceptions, the server’s only laws will be those that each clan enforces in its territory. For the first time ever, our protection mods are both 100% functional and intuitive to use. (And work against players, modded items, and robots) The FTB Utilities chunk management and clan interface is accessible via an in-game GUI.