Dynmap Customization

Dynmap supports point and area markers which render on top of the dynmap web interface to provide valuable information on important locations and areas on the map.

In order to protect players’ privacy, by default, the only automatically rendered map markers are overworld land claims via the WarsFtbDynmap mod.

Clans, however, may request an admin to mark a region with a layer colored and labelled to reflect their claims or ownership, or mark key waypoints they want to advertise.

Requesting a Marker

To request markers, please post in Help & Bug Reports and provide the following information:

  1. What type of marker do you want?
  2. What are the relevant coordinates and world for your marker? (Provide multiple coordinates as necessary)
  3. What should the marker be labelled as?
  4. Which logo do you want to apply to the marker? (If applicable)
  5. What color should the marker’s area be? (If applicable)
  6. What clan is the marker to be associated with? (For marker set purposes)

See the Spawn Island marker for an example of a simple marker.

Current Rendering Issues

Dynmap relies on DynmapBlockScan to generate tiles for modded blocks to render the map correctly. BlockScan is not 100% functional for all mods, and fails to render things like Dynamic Trees branches, flowing rivers added by the Streams mod and Chisel custom blocks properly. As of October 12th, 2019, the server renders most of these modded blocks but does not color them properly. See this blockscan “universal renderer” fork for details.

We are closely watching dynmap for updates on these issues.