Nearing Completion ?

Nearing Completion ?

As you can see, we’ve got social media from top to bottom all over this front page, as well as these dandy posts which in theory should allow me to communicate important server news to our user base.

Of course this is all a lot of information to swallow at once, and on previous servers there has been a tendency for some social media, like Twitter, to go underused.

I’ve solved this problem by setting up an automatic tweeting system which tweets (1) whenever one of these posts goes live, or (2) when we upload a youtube video, or (3) there’s an upload on our instagram account. (pls send server screenies to

This means that while you’re more than welcome to follow and subscribe to all of our accounts, you can also just follow us on Twitter and know that you’re up to date with ALL important server messages and content! Feel free to check it out and give us a follow! Alternatively, our discord has a channel which automatically pushes notifications from twitter.

Oh, and the client installation packages are 100% done – currently we only have a windows installer wizard, but Mac and Linux install manual packages are done. They just need to be manually installed per their readme.