Open For Business

Open For Business

I am pleased to announce that Mine Publica is officially open for registration.

After seven years of servers it is sometimes easy to expect the same cycle of server birth and decay, but I expect this one to be different. For starters, we have this swanky new website and a private remote Minecraft server, both of which I have full access to, from top to bottom. This configuration has given me the flexibility to get everything just right, and it will allow me to quickly tweak things going forward. With a bit of luck, this server should provide us with a fulfilling and permanent Minecraft experience.

Speaking of the server, it is currently hosted by a third party provider on nothing but sweet sweet SSDs for a fluid player experience and 100% uptime. Getting online is as simple as running our official installation package and logging in.

As always, I’ve spent a great deal of time tweaking our modpack, but this one is particularly robust. The 1.12.2 mod community has been uniquely fruitful, and I carefully read through all of the relevant configuration files and play-tested mods to make sure that we won’t encounter any bugs. (Fortunately for Leonaut, no more suicidal space launches will be necessary)

This modpack has been specifically designed to be overinclusive. After considering feedback from players who were disappointed about the exclusion of their preferred tech mods, I have decided that including more options is better for everyone, even if it does lead to some duplicative functionality. Now everyone can use what they want instead of being hamstrung into a tech mod they might not like.

Worldgen has been massively revamped, now based on continents and archipelagos in a vast ocean. It’s designed to be more akin to Earth, and you can even circumnavigate the map by travelling to the far West or East. All of the traditional mobs, biomes and weather mods are here too, and as always, you can travel to numerous planets and moons in our solar system and beyond via Galacticraft.

Communication in-game and offline has been massively improved. Our discord allows players offline to chat in-game as if they were on the server, local voice chat allows in-game players to yell at each other on the fly, and emotes and overhead chat notifications are here for good measure too.

Chunk claiming is finally wholly functional and intuitive to use. With FTB Utilities, players can access a gui in their inventory screen to form clans and protect their creations painlessly – both from other players, explosions, mobs, and Opencomputers robots. Players are also welcome to use MFFS force fields, auto turrets and armed NPCs to protect their settlements. No one should feel forced to live underground out of fear anymore.

Hopefully this gives you an idea of the state of the server as of now. I feel quite confident in the work we’ve achieved, and I hope you’ll join us on the server today.

You can take confidence in knowing this server will be up indefinitely. Your work will be safe and sound when you come back. (I’ve even got a regular backup scheduled in case anything happens) As our playerbase ages, there is less and less time to devote to these kind of simple pursuits, which is why it is so important that we aren’t starting over every year or so. You can expect diligence on my part in keeping the server functional, bug free, and updated as necessary.

Thanks for playing all these years,