2.0.0 Update

2.0.0 Update

The Mine Publica 2.0.0 update is officially live! You can grab the patch here.

I’m quite happy to have our first official update out. Previous servers have had a tendency to fade into inactivity before ever receiving an update, but through this patch we’ve managed to squish all known bugs, including the few that carried over from Kuumba, all while keeping our current world completely intact. It seems that no players should lose any items or blocks from this update, and worldgen should proceed smoothly.

This update will also mark a new vigorous round of recruiting through heavily populated discord servers. Moderators will begin to reach out in the coming week. If you want any of your friends to have a first mover advantage before this wave of fresh meat rolls in, I suggest you reach out to them as soon as possible!

You can view the official changelog below. Given the 100+ mods we updated, this list is nowhere near exhaustive. You may consult each individual mod’s changelog via the wiki to see more information on what’s changed.

2.0.0 Changelog:

  • Updated to Forge 1.12.2-
  • Removed installer package for Windows users because Windows 10 is way too overprotective. All users must now use the zip option until further notice.
  • Fixed the dreaded dragon egg doom bug
  • Fixed the /help command not working
  • Updated every mod on the mod list that had a newer version, notably…
    • Gliby’s Voice Chat Reloaded – We updated to a newer fork of the old immersive voice plugin, so this should work better for everyone now.
    • Mekanism – We moved from Mekanica (A fork of Mekanism when Mekanism was inactive) back to Mekanism, which is now receiving stable updates.
    • FTB Utilities Update – Teams are now more intuitive to use, and claims are even more secure!
    • Railcraft – We finally moved on to 12.0.0. No more unstable Beta Railcraft!
    • Treasure 2, Village Names, Additional Structures: All of these world generation related mods have received massive updates. New chunks should be even more interesting than old ones.
    • (And way, way more. Almost every mod received an update.)

Happy Crafting!