IP Migration & 2.1.3 Patch Instructions

IP Migration & 2.1.3 Patch Instructions


  1. We have a new IP address for the server, as well as our dynmap instance.
  2. I’ve released a patch for your game so you can connect to this new address.
  3. You can also manually update the address yourself by editing the server link in your multiplayer menu. (But the patch is very small and I recommend it so that your main menu displays the correct version of your modpack)

What Happened

Occasionally, our hosting service, Shockbyte, performs maintenance on its server bays which unusually but occasionally results in servers’ IP addresses getting reassigned. Shockbyte did some maintenance last week and gave us a new IP, so now everyone’s Minecraft installations are pointing at the wrong address. Hence the need for the patch above.

This IP address change also affected this website, which has a number of links to our dynmap interface which were now pointing nowhere. I have fixed as many links as I could find. Things seem to be back to normal now. Repairs took longer than expected because of a power outage in my locality.

What You Need to Do

First, patch your game.

Next, be aware that old dynmap links, especially those on the forums or wiki, may not work anymore. You’ll need to edit them slightly. Here’s an example:

[url=]Map Link[/url]

Replacing the highlighted red address above with our new address (omitted here for security reasons) will allow old links like the one quoted above to work just like they used to. Please note to only replace the red text, and leave the blue port number (for our dynmap address) intact. Do not insert the server’s port into a dynmap link either.

Finally, please let me know about dead links that you find on the forums, wiki, or main website that you can’t fix yourself.

A Final Note

This incident is a good time to announce that I plan to fully migrate the server and website to a self-hosted solution by 2021. I think this will create a cheaper, more stable, and more powerful server which will be more fun and easier for me to operate. Self-hosting would also prevent host-related issues like this IP migration. Of course, this change will require a fair amount of downtime but I’ll make an announcement to give people some notice when the time comes.